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Organic FoodsThe first thing that comes to mind are famous words from my mother: You are what you eat. Boy, was she right. The foods we eat to fuel our bodies can either position us on the path to optimal health and wellness or…the path to malfunction, dis-equilibrium, disease or a shortened lifespan.

Some nutritional deficiencies and subsequent stress responses can actually cause tension to the soft tissues that serve as a “connective tissue bridge” between the organs and the spine. This tension can result in a constant tug on the spine, leading to nerve interference and distortion to the spine. Ultimately, symptoms of pain and organ malfunction will be manifested.

With this in mind, we conduct a very comprehensive and specific analysis to determine if there are any nutritional deficiencies by the body. If we find any deficiencies, we can then determine nutrient formulations that specifically address those organs, tissues and/or systems. It’s truly a customized approach to nutrition.

We use and recommend nutritional products created by companies that focus on the following:

Nutrients that are derived from whole food sources.

  • Why? Your body more easily recognizes and assimilates a substance that is natural versus something that is synthetic. Thus, as you get closer to ingesting a fully synthetic substance, less of it is actually utilized by the body. Even worse, your body has to expend additional energy and nutrients to transform the synthetic substance into something it recognizes, often doing more harm than good.

The purest ingredients

  • Why? Its like gas for your car…do you want unwanted contaminants in there that create deposits and poor performance?

The most biologically active forms of each nutrient or nutrient combination

  • Why? Some vitamins and minerals are present in as many as 9 different molecular forms. Many times, however, only 1 or 2 are “active,” meaning the body can use them in their current form for cellular function and growth.

The highest quality control standards.

We have nutritional products by Standard Process®, Nutriwest®, Metagenics®, Biotics®, West Coast Wellness Center, World Organics, Pure Encapsulations® and Lumina Health.

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