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Dr. Kent W. Pollock IICarlsbad Chiropractor was born to address the need for a natural and non-invasive form of truly managed health care in the North San Diego community of Carlsbad. We as a nation are exiting the world of “managed sickness care” and entering a Wellness revolution, where individuals are becoming more proactive about the restoration and preservation of health naturally. Carlsbad Chiropractor is poised to deliver the products and services that fill this need for optimal health and wellness.

Carlsbad Chiropractic care addresses the cause of dysfunction by evaluating the structure and function of the spine and extremities to find and remove nervous system interference. The result is a life-changing experience for an individual to one who functions at peak performance and has an improved quality of life.

Gonstead System, an approach to finding and correcting interference to the nervous system that is unmatched by any other form in Chiropractic care.

Modern Pain Relief & Range of Motion Restoration

Old Injuries, Repetitive Stress, Scar Tissue and Adhesions.

Rapid Release Technology works by imparting high frequency compression waves at 165 cycles per second that creates a rapid “back and forth” action that uniquely targets scar tissue and adhesions.

Pulsed Infrared Light Therapy can change your life!

Got Pain? Explore the benefits of Infrared Light Therapy.

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